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The course covers the latest in Lingual orthodontic treatment mechanics including the traditional (Kurz) lingual methods, STb (Straight Lingual), 2D Lingual and the Self Ligating systems. The course is designed in such a way that the participant can easily understand the basics and will confidently be able to incorporate Lingual orthodontics in his practice.


This course is intended for dentists who has completed the AFO Fellowship course and also for the post graduate in Orthodontics who wants to learn to incorporate lingual or invisible orthodontics into their practices. This is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on course with patient demonstration and practice on all the lab procedures that has to be done in the Lingual method.

Eligibility : BDS / MDS - AFO FELLOWSHIP or PG in Orthodontics.

Course Schedule

Two day Lingual Orthodontics Course in New Delhi, India at AFO Affiliate Center on February, 4th and 5th, 2017.

This course runs throughout the year at our institution. Please contact us to register for the course.

1 day Lingual Orthodontics course in STb Technique (Handson) in New Delhi or Bangalore, India. Contact us for dates.

Course Registration

Lingual Orthodontics Online Self-Starter Mentored Course

Only self starter Lingual course in the world for general practitioners and orthodontist. You also get 5 years of free post-course mentoring and 2 hours of of face to face discussion time with AFO faculty at a mutually convenient time.When you register for the course, we will send you the entire Lecture and Practice Videos, Plastic Typodont and the Lingual bracket kit. You can watch the lectures and practice videos and practice to you hearts content on the Typodont before starting on the patient.

Course Fee= 40,000 INR / 800 USD

Add 200 USD as Courier Charges

Total 1000 USD


1. STb - Lingual Straight Wire

2. STb Social 6

3. 2 D Lingual

4. Kurz Technique

5. Indirect Bonding - Hiro Technique

6. Indirect Bonding - Kommon Base

All AFO Lingual Course Participants gets access to "Incognito" like CUSTOM LINGUAL APPLIANCE Lab facilities.

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AFO Courses in Hong Kong from January 20th to January 25th, 2013. Contact us to book your package!

AFO Courses in AEEDC Dubai, UAE from February 5th to 7th, 2013. Contact us to book your package!

Lingual Orthodontics Course in Bangkok, Thailand, Match 6th, 2016. Contact us to book your package!

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    I liked it very much, got good knowledge in Lingual orthodontics especially in the new STb technique.
    Dr.Bhagath, MDS, Karnataka, India. Mob: 09741374196 (Call after 8.30pm IST)

    Very Satisfying!
    Dr.Ruchi Bhuyan, Orrisa, India.
    Phone: 09438160144

    Very Good!
    Dr.Mohamed Habib, Phd (Ortho), Saudi Arabia.
    Phone: 00966557108046

    Dr.Aneeket Vakil, MDS, India.
    Phone: 09327380338

    Very Good!
    Dr.Chintan Shah, MDS, India.
    Phone: 09925007513
    Call between 10.00am to 01.00pm or 5.00pm to 8.00pm

    Dr.Sujal Shah, MDS, India.
    Phone: 09426046620
    Call between 10.00am to 12.00pm or 5.30pm to 8.30pm

    Very Good Experience! My knowledge increased a lot and I came to know about many things which I was not knowing
    Dr.Foram Vithlani, MDS, India.
    Phone: 09825795039
    Call between 6.00pm to 7.00pm

    Dr.Ankur Patel, MDS, India.
    Phone: 09227978416

    It was very good and useful
    Dr.Abubacker Siddique, MDS, Oman.
    Phone: 0096899702784

    Very good and useful
    Dr.Jagathesh Natarajan, MDS, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
    Phone: 09943161321

    It was very good to start Lingual Orthodontics
    Dr.Firoz Babu P, MDS, Andhra Pradesh, India.
    Phone: 09704582322


At start and towards end of Lingual Orthodontics


Kurz Brackets

STb Straight Lingual

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