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Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD) are used to provide anchorage needs for a sort period of time in fixed orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic mini screw implants are ideal TAD's as they do not undergo osseointegration and is very easy to use. The titanium alloy NeoAnchor Plus™ system appears to be the easiest to use and most biocompatible.

Dr. Ravi Kumar, the course director, has been practicing fixed orthodontics for the past 10 years. He is the Founder President of Indian Society Of Orthodontics For General Practitioners and is a keen researcher in Dentistry with a patent for his research granted by the Govt. Of India. Dr.Ravi Kumar has also published in several scientific Journals and has authored a textbook for the undergraduate dental student. He has also developed a short course interdisciplinary treatment method, using orthodontics, prosthodontics and endodontics, ideally suited for adult patients, called the Realistic Treatment Philosophy (RTP) and is presently engaged in popularizing this.


This course is intended for dentists who want to incorporate Orthodontic Mini Screw Implants (TAD) into their orthodontic practice and also as part of advanced orthodontic continuing education programmes. The course is presented as a seminar and workshop.

Course Duration

1 Day - Usually on a Sunday / holiday (Contact)

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This course runs throughout the year at our institution. Please contact us to register for the course.

We also conduct 1 day Orthodontics Mini Implant (TAD) course (Handson) during the Fellowship courses in New Delhi and Bangalore, India.

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Attractive discounts will be offered for buying complete kits of NeoAnchor Plus™ mini screw implants.

Mini Implant (TAD) Online Self-Starter Mentored Course

Only self starter Mini Implant course in the world for general practitioners and orthodontist. You also get 5 years of free post-course mentoring and 2 hours of of face to face discussion time with AFO faculty at a mutually convenient time.When you register for the course, we will send you the entire Lecture and Practice Videos.

Course Fee = 20,000 INR / 400 USD

Add 200 USD as Courier Charges

Total 600 USD

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AFO Courses in Hong Kong from January 20th to January 25th, 2013. Contact us to book your package!

AFO Courses in AEEDC Dubai, UAE from February 5th to 7th, 2013. Contact us to book your package!

Mini Implant (TAD) Course in Bangalore, New Delhi, Bangkok, New York. Contact us to book your package!

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Very Good Course!
Dr.Imad Saab, MDS
Private Practice, Kuwait
Contact No: 0096566034898 (Call before 2.00 pm, Kuwait time)

Dr.Pankaj Biala, Punjab, India.
Phone: 09872761938

It was very good and to the point!
Dr.Puneet Malhotra, Punjab, India.
Phone: 09815583533

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